* Fleurieu Equine Clinic is closing permanently on the 24th December 2021 *

White sandy beaches, summers with fish & chips by the shore, rolling hills to the east, with the city not far away, the Fleurieu Peninsula is a magical place to live. With it's rural setting, and close proximity to all the trappings of modern life, it has become SA's mecca for sea changes. Many people have embraced this with enthusiasm, and part of rural life is having your own animals. Horses are a hit with children and adults alike, and are a common site in the grassy paddocks in the area.

Care for these horses however has long been a problem, with access to full time veterinary services for large animals being patchy at best. With this problem in mind, Fleurieu Equine Clinic has been set up as the solution. Offering 24/7 veterinary care for horses & donkeys to the Fleurieu and surrounding regions. The Clinic offers a full range of services, and is fully mobile, to bring this care right to your door.

"By offering information and services on all aspects of horse husbandry, we hope to enrich your experience as a horse owner, and provide the best quality of life for our equine companions"

Fleurieu Equine Clinic purchased Southern Equine Veterinary Services and extended the equine care on the south coast to full time. 

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